Advocacy, Outreach, & Referral
Family Development Clients are encouraged to participate in the Family Development strength-based program which focuses on self-reliance. This program assists clients to develop goals and to utilize resources within their family and community.

Contract with the Sullivan County Division of Health & Family Services (DFS) to provide advocates to work with families to prevent their children from being placed out of home. Case management is provided by DFS, preventive services.

Provide outreach services which connect families to various assistance available in the county. Family Development is a participating member of the Center for Workforce Development, One Stop Center.
Outreach and Referral
CACHE provides direct outreach support to individuals and families to assist them in their quest for self-sufficiency. Using the Family Development, strength based approach; FD workers will work to help in numerous areas including apartment/home search, employment search and retention, money management, locating counseling, and assisting families to access community resources to reach their goals. With direct access to CACHE programs such as Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance, Domestic Violence, Weatherization, and Daycare, we are able to make immediate referrals. CACHE also has a close relationship with many community-based organizations to provide direct referrals. Walk-in clients are welcome.
Independent Living
This CACHE program is designed, through a contract with the Sullivan County Department of Family Services, to teach skills to teenagers that will be needed when they leave the home to live on their own. A CACHE instructor teaches basic life skills on a one-on-one basis. Weekly classes are also offered in which trainings and presentations are done to model skills in the areas of finance, job search and retention, home management, safety, safe choices, health and hygiene. By using the strength-based approach, we focus on developing an understanding of how to use the talents that these people have to prosper in the adult world. New developments are always being developed in which the IL team will help get young people involved in community projects.
Housing and Community Development
CACHE is proud to be involved in several housing related initiatives in Sullivan County. We are working with other local agencies to develop ideas and plans to provide quality, affordable housing to all Sullivan County residents. This includes the Sullivan Housing Taskforce, and the Liberty Economic Action Program.
Parent's Anonymous
Parent's Anonymous is a nationwide network of support for parents and children. Weekly group meetings empower parents to share information and make parenting a more complete experience for the entire family. This is a new program of the CACHE agency and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of this respected network of support. Any parents are eligible and a children's program is provided on sight.
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Family Development
CACHE has adopted the Family Development model that promotes a focus on strengths as opposed to weaknesses in an effort to develop self-reliance. The Family Development Division is a combination of programs working to help empower our customers to develop their own plan of action. We offer outreach services, which connect families to various services such as Family Services, legal assistance, public health agencies, emergency help, employment assistance, public health agencies, emergency help, employment assistance and consumer education as well as any other available option that will assist them on the road to independence. We also, through contract with the Division of Health and Family Services, provide advocacy, parent education, and independent living training to families with children at risk of out of home placement. We also provide similar services for families under an agreement with New York State Electric and Gas. CACHE is a "One Stop Center" partner with the Center for Workforce Development. CACHE has joined the nationwide Parent's Anonymous network, providing a support group and network for parents to share concerns and ideas to enhance their family and parenting skills.
Parent Education
CACHE Parent Education is a program designed to teach appropriate parenting skills to families. A weekly class is offered and in addition, if the family so desires, an instructor will make visits to the home to help the family put the newly learned skills into place with regards to their own family. We use the "Common Sense Parenting" model, which covers basically all areas of parenting skills, including proper discipline and rewards and communication. Expert speakers are invited to speak on many of the issues facing parents and children in our society. Children are welcome as activities and childcare are provided on sight.

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